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Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

October 15th, 2017 Posted by Home Selling No Comment yet

Are you thinking about selling your home in the winter? Winter presents its own unique set of challenges, there are steps you can take to brighten your home and make the showing pleasant and enjoyable for your buyers:

Make a Good First Impression

  • Keep the path to your entrances clear of fallen leaves and snow.
  • Spread a light layer of sand or salt to ensure none of your potential buyers lose their footing.
  • If it’s raining, add a tall bucket at the front door and a rubber mat to hold wet umbrellas and shoes.
  • Add a winter wreath on the front door, this can stay up well past the new year.

Let the Light Shine

  • Clean the windows! Winter days are darker, you’ll need as much light as you can get.
  • Pull up the blinds and push back the curtains.
  • Turn on every light in the house, including over the stove and in the closets.

Turn up the Heat

  • If you have a fireplace, wood or gas, get it going before the potential buyers make it to the front door.
  • Heat the house! You want the temperature inside to be comfortable. You may like it around 19c but your potential buyers may feel there is something wrong with your furnace. Give them a reason to linger!

Get in the Mood

  • Light candles (scent-free).
  • Add flowers, a winter bouquet or even poinsettias will make a difference in making your house look homey.
  • Bake some cookies or warm a pot of hot apple cider on your stove.
  • Turn on soft music. Find a commercial-free, acoustic Jazz or Classical playlist.

Think warm thoughts this winter season!

The Property Boys: Making Real Estate Easy!

September 29th, 2017 Posted by Home Buying, Home Selling No Comment yet

Steve Bucciol and Antony Malfara from The Property Boys at RE/MAX Hallmark Realty, Ltd. Located in Toronto, Ontario, they go out of their way to help you reach your Real Estate goals.

Making Real Estate Easy!

The Client Experience:

* Planning Your Success
* Trusted Realtors
* Go Above and Beyond
* The Right Price
* The Right Realtors
* Focused on Client
* They Care about your Details
* Passionate about your Real Estate Goals

If you’re buying or selling contact The Property Boys:

Bayview Village Office
685 Sheppard Ave East, Suite 401
Toronto, ON
M2K 1B6

Office: (416) 494-7653


Your Interest is our Passion!

How To Sell Your Home When You Have Pets

August 17th, 2017 Posted by Home Selling No Comment yet

Pets are wonderful additions to our families. They bring us joy, companionship and so much more. When it comes to selling your home, however, pets are not exactly an asset. One of the main challenges for people when they’re looking to sell their home is apprehension from buyers because of pets being in the home. If you’re thinking of selling your home but you’re not sure what to do about pet damage or perception, here are some things that you can do to curb the pet-resentment from potential buyers.

Keep Them Out of the Home for Showings

It’s not ideal to have to remove your pets every time you do a showing, but it is often the best solution. You’ve heard of “Out of Sight; Out Of Mind”? Many prospective home buyers won’t ask twice about pet issues if they don’t physically see a pet, and that is one less thing to worry about for you. Ask a friend or family member to care for your pet, or consider boarding them for a short time.

Be Mindful of Smells

Pets come with a certain reputation for odours. If you have cats or anything litter trained, do what you can to remove the box and evidence of the box for showings. Make sure that puppy training pads are also removed. If you’re used to the smell of your animals, ask someone (such as a friend or relative) to come smell your house and alert you to anything that may need a second cleaning.

Pay Close Attention To Stains

Potential buyers are paying attention to everything that may cost them more money than the purchase price of the house. That means they’re paying close attention to floorboards and carpeting. Before you show your house, consider having your carpets professionally cleaned.

Remember that while it’s important to be forthright with buyers, you don’t need to take out an advertisement in the local paper about your love of puppies. When you’re posting your listing online, maybe disturb your dog to get a pet-free shot of the living room.

Selling in a Seller’s Market

May 5th, 2017 Posted by Home Selling No Comment yet

The last year or so has been a boisterous seller’s market, and forecasters are predicting that 2017 (and maybe 2018 as well) will continue to be sizzling hot for sellers as well.

While sellers may rejoice, knowing that their house is unlikely to sit on the market for too long – or that they will likely have to accept any offers below asking, if priced right – there are still steps sellers must take to ensure their efforts are not in vain.

Choose Wisely

Both sellers and buyers should do their research when looking at real estate professionals (brokers, agents, etc.) rather than simply hiring the first they find. The right real estate professional can be extremely advantageous, especially while navigating a seller’s market, but how do you know they’ll be right for you?

Fully vetting a real estate professional may include checking their references, visiting the RECO website to confirm their registration, looking up their online profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), and looking for web reviews.

When you have the list narrowed down, interview your top 3 or 4 candidates to ensure a good fit. Get everything – services, prices, incentives, etc. – they are offering explicitly stated in writing for easy comparison.

Know What You’re Signing

Before signing anything while conducting your search, including signing anything provided by your real estate professional, know exactly what you’re agreeing to. Make sure every clause is explicitly clear. If anything is unclear, ask questions. If you’re still unsure, it may be wise to seek independent legal advice for a second opinion.

Don’t Get Overconfident

Just because it’s a seller’s market, don’t think that you can get away with not taking the normal selling steps. You still need to consider staging, cleaning, decluttering, and curb appeal. If not considered, they may still slow the sale of your house down.

Start Looking First

In a seller’s market, your home may not need to stay listed terribly long. That means you may find your house sold long before you’ve found a suitable replacement. To avoid feeling rushed and forced into buying a home that isn’t what you desired, start looking for your new home and only list your home once you’ve found something in the market you like.

Buy First

Try to get a line of credit based on your home equity or a loan so that you’re able to buy your new home before selling to further reduce any feelings of being rushed. If you can’t get a line of credit or loan, make a competitive conditional offer or try to negotiate flexible closing timing with your buyer.

Rental Options

A further way to avoid feelings of rushed is to look into renting. You could either rent out – turning your existing home into a rental while buying a new home – or moving into a rental rather than purchasing a new home.

If considering turning your home into a rental, just consider how a mortgage may come into play. Will you be able to find a renter who is willing to pay more than your current mortgage payments? Is it financially secure for you to have two loans ongoing at the same time (if you need a mortgage for your new home)?

If you choose to become a renter rather than a buyer, you’ll be able to pocket the profits from the sale of your home and save it for when you’ve found something you like (or for when it turns into a buyer’s market). This may also be a good option if you’ve already sold your house without finding another that you like.

Bidding Wars

A bidding war may be many seller’s dream, but remember that you have many options. You can accept the highest offer; negotiate with one offer and reject the others; negotiate with one and put the others on hold; or reject them all. Speaking with your real estate professional will help you make the best decision when choosing.

There are a few things to keep in mind when finding yourself in a bidding war. First, remember that those you choose to negotiate with may not be able to offer any higher, and the other options you tabled in the meantime may have moved on to other houses. Second, in Ontario, you must disclose the number of offers you’ve received to anyone who has submitted a written offer, but that’s all you disclose. Any details contained within the offer must be kept confidential.

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